UFlex Limited has launched a cutting-edge packaging solution called Asepto Eye for the beverages segment at the GulFood Manufacturing 2019 held in Dubai from October 29 to 31.

Asepto Eye is the newest offering from Asepto and gives a stylish revival to aseptic packaging. It made a strong impact on the visitors at the global exhibition and was acknowledged for its packaging excellence, taking forward the innovative trail that Asepto is known for.

Asepto Eye is a ripple concave lens and single lens technology that gives 3D effects on the aseptic packs. These lenses come in various shapes and sizes and offer bespoke artwork, as per the clients’ requirements.

Speaking about the launch of this innovative solution, CEO and President of Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business at UFlex Ashwani Sharma said: “Asepto Eye is truly revolutionary in all respects and will change the concept of beverage packaging for years to come.

“The cutting-edge Asepto Eye technology having lens effect in packaging is unprecedented and offers myriad choices to manufacturers to be distinct on the shelves and also add a premium value to their brand through our packaging.”

The shape of the lenses has many varieties to address diverse packaging innovations. Aseptic Brick Packs are the most popular format amongst the ranges available in the market.

Sharing his insights, Sharma added: “There was a demand for something radically distinctive in aseptic packaging. There were no other value-additions for aseptic packs to stand out on shelves, which made brands confined to exploring designing different packaging shapes and sizes or consider colour options to seek customer attention.

“Therefore, our newest concept of aesthetic rejuvenation brings to the table a variety of option like foil-stamping, holography and 3D effects to communicate with end-consumers better, when the packs are on shelves.

“These options were never explored in aseptic packs since the packaging process is complex and everyone played safe. This launch will not only enhance the look of aseptic packs, it will also help them communicate well with purchasers.”

Sharma continued: “Significant in-house investments were made in backward engineering to offer the complete packaging solution in aseptic packaging. Through Asepto Eye, we are offering a packaging USP of aesthetics and unique identity to product packaging. I am pleased to note that at the GulFood Manufacturing 2019, Asepto Eye has been quite a revelation and has received appreciation from different quarters.”

The GulFood Manufacturing 2019 also witnessed the launch of Asepto Flexpress 10000 Machine, a filling machine, which augurs the outcome of aseptic packaging.

On its debut, UFlex chairman and managing director Ashok Chaturvedi said: “UFlex has always been a forward-looking company. We have not only focussed on customer solutions through innovative next-gen packaging Asepto Eye, but also announced our engineering prowess with our new machine Asepto Flexpress 10000, servo-based drive mechanism new filling line, offering advanced integration with PLC.

“It also comes with operator-friendly HMI (human machine interface). Uflex is pitching this unique machine for optimum packaging in the dairy, dairy products, juices and alcohol segments.”

The advantage of ‘Asepto Flexpress 10000’ machine is that it offers high flexibility for all-in-one portion packs from 90ml to 200ml. Having operator-friendly HMI, this machine works on servo-based drive mechanism and is a highly flexible machine with low changeover times and has a low TCO (total cost of ownership). It offers high output with minimal machine downtime.