Looking for an experienced supplier to weigh, sort and pack potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, apples, bell peppers, citrus, onions, seafood or fresh cut products, you name it?

Regardless of product or packaging, portion size and capacity, Newtec ensures that they can transform customers’ products into marketable and profitable end products.

Understanding the business of their customers and the challenges they face enables Newtec to deliver solutions that make an impactful difference. “Lean back and let us guide you through the jungle of important decisions and complex technical details you need to consider before you invest in new machinery to take your production to a higher level”, says Christian Max Villadsen, head of sales.

The company specialises in weighing, sorting and packing machinery for the fruit and vegetable industry and for convenience foods. High-accuracy weighing equipment was Newtec’s first area of expertise and is today still its key focus.

For over 40 years, Newtec has been helping customers optimise their production with innovative weighing, sorting and packing solutions.

Newtec machines are well known for a very high level of accuracy, efficiency and extraordinary gentle handling of products. All are key factors when designing Newtec machines and the stainless-steel construction and excellent mechanical design make them extremely durable.

In close cooperation with their customers, Newtec takes pride in tailoring, constructing and installing flexible and intelligent solutions. They are known for always providing excellent service and never leaving a customer in the lurch.

“Newtec is synonymous with quality and our machines are built to last – using only the best materials and latest technologies within software, automation and mechanical engineering”, says Christian Max Villadsen and continues; “Through close cooperation, we provide our customers with a solution aligned with current trends and demands within the food industry and thereby designed to improve their competitiveness”.

In order to meet the increasing demands of the industry, Newtec has formed partnerships with other leading manufacturers. Together, they deliver industry leading solutions – all purchased, installed and serviced from a local partner or dealer for the convenience of their customers.

“Whenever you approach us with a challenge, you can be certain that a team of dedicated experts, with impressive know-how and long-term experience will go the extra mile to meet your needs on schedule”, concludes Christian Max Villadsen.

“We’ve been using and working with Newtec Equipment since the mid-eighties and we’ve been following the life of the Celox machine from the day it started. We believe that the machine we’ve got now which is the latest model – it ticks all the boxes. The quality of the actual machine itself, the reliability of it, the way it handles the product, the quality of the cameras, – it is just well above our expectations of what I think a machine could or should do”, says managing director of Rocky Lamattina & Sons, Angelo Lamattina, a long-term Australian Newtec customer.