Companies from across the entire fresh produce sector will be present in Berlin, as will Newtec with its partners Gillenkirch, Emve and C-Pack.

On exhibit:

  • Newtec Mini Weigher, Model 2008PCM for processed food
    Ideal as a single machine or as part of a line consisting of e.g. 4-6 Mini Weighers

Newtec Odense general manager Dean Chilvers says: “This machine offers very low cost of ownership and a high level of product handling.”

Keywords of the machines are high-speed, weighing accuracy and flexibility.

“We consider this model as a great way to develop our product range in line with the demands of the industry,” adds Dean Chilvers.

The Mini Weigher handles a mix of various fruits in one tray. One Newtec Mini Weigher is required for each product. The weighing machine ensures up to 55 portions/min. at 200g and the portion range is between 50g and 500g.

A solution could consist of one line of four 2008PCM, which are connected. The customer pre-defines a recipe on a machine and the software ensures that the target weight is correct.

The three products such as green and yellow melon and pineapples are weighed as close to target weight as possible, filled in a tray and subsequently topped up with the fourth product such as grapes.

The Mini Weigher is suitable for fragile delicate products, such as berries, cookies and fine chocolates as the products are handled very gently with low drop height.

Quick dismantling and assembly of weigh pans, vibrator chutes and funnels makes it easy to get access to cleaning and service without using tools.

In order to meet the increasing demands of the industry, Newtec has formed partnerships with other leading manufacturers. Industry-leading solutions are installed and serviced from one of Newtec’s many local representatives located in more than 40 countries worldwide.

With this set-up, their customers get the best of both worlds with the combination of Newtec’s international experience and the know-how of their local representatives.

“Close cooperation, face-to-face accountability and easy communication provides you with the most efficient and cost-effective solution, including total cost of ownership. Our repeat customers are proof of the strength of our long-term relationships built on trust,” adds Chilvers.

The event runs 6-8 February. For more information, please visit us at Hall 3.1, Stand No. A-10.