X-Rite, Incorporated now offers a premium support package to customers of eXact spectrophotometers, which includes a one-year license to use NetProfiler 3.0, so that instruments worldwide can be calibrated to the same virtual standard.

The recently introduced eXact spectrophotometer has been embraced by brand managers, prepress, pre-media personnel, ink suppliers, printers and converters as an answer to the widespread problem of measuring and matching colors on various substrates and surfaces.

With split-second measurement times and improved accuracy to simplify workflow, the eXact instrument is the only spectrophotometer in the industry to give customers a way to measure true daylight conditions by supporting all the M Standards inclusive of the complete M1 for both ink and substrates.

By offering the NetProfiler option in a premium support package, X-Rite is making it easy for eXact customers to optimize, verify and ascertain on a regular basis that their instruments are calibrated to a single virtual standard with handheld and benchtop spectrophotometers used at locations globally.

NetProfiler can ensure that color measurements taken throughout the supply chain – in design departments, on factory floors and in test labs – are accurate and reliable. All spectrophotometers should be calibrated following maintenance schedules because they experience some data drift over time due to age and use.

NetProfiler provides:

  • reports that detail instrument performance, compliance status by location and instrument;
  • a means to exchange color data easily with business partners that may have various types of color-measurement instruments; and,
  • a new improved calibration media allowing the number of color standards to be reduced, streamlining the profiling process.

The premium support package for eXact also includes unlimited repairs, annual certification, priority technical standard support, free loaners units on accelerated deliveries and an hour-long consultation with an X-Rite Color Expert.

The eXact instrument is a simple-to-use device fully compliant with ISO 13655:2009 measurement standards that is specifically designed to match proof-to-press across many substrates used in a supply chain.

In addition to using advanced measurement technology, eXact is easy to learn, thanks to the intuitive software and touch screen controls.

For more information about eXact and NetProfiler 3.0, please visit the website.