International Demand for Non-Invasive Oxygen Measurement Systems Spurs Oxysense to Expand Network of Distributors - Packaging Gateway
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International Demand for Non-Invasive Oxygen Measurement Systems Spurs Oxysense to Expand Network of Distributors

Dallas, Texas – OxySense® has responded to growing international interest in its non-invasive, real-time oxygen measurement systems with an expanded network of leading distributors who can offer easy access to the full line of OxySense systems and accessories.


Distributors now representing OxySense™ systems worldwide include:

  • AirMonitors – the UK (contact Jim Mills)
  • Altech Communications – Japan (contact Sanea Yuki)
  • Arrow Scientific – Australia and New Zealand (contact Louis Petrin)
  • ETS – Benelux (contact Guy Kouwijzer)
  • Exteco – Spain (contact Luis Lombana or Jose Joaquin)
  • G3 Enterprises – the wine industry / US (contact Kyle Rosser)
  • Oleico – Scandinavia (contact Nils Oleinikoff)
  • WITT Gasetechnik – Germany, France and the UK (contact Mr. Gerd Kieper)

"As packaging laboratories and food and beverage processors worldwide learn about the superior oxygen measurement capabilities of OxySense equipment, they have become increasingly eager to find sales agents and support near their facilities," said Peter Gerard, president and CEO of OxySense. "OxySense is pleased to respond to this growing interest by adding distributors in key international markets."


"Latin and South America and certain regions of the United States are additional areas where OxySense continues to seek alliances with established distributors who serve the packaging and processing industries," Gerard continued. "We hope PACK EXPO 2007 in Las Vegas will present an opportunity for interested distributors from Latin and South America and the United States to become acquainted with our outstanding line of oxygen measurement systems, by visiting us in booth number 5272."


OxySense systems use a non-invasive technique to provide accurate oxygen measurement, based on the revolutionary OxyDot, an illuminated oxygen-sensitive sensor. The OxyDot is inserted into the package or processing chamber prior to filling and then readings are made with a fibre-optic reader / pen on the outside of the package or chamber.


The OxySense line of oxygen measurement equipment includes the OxySense 4000B and the OxySense 210T, which are ideally suited for research and development and quality assurance programs in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and bio-medical industries. OxySense also offers the OxySense MAP 1000, which enables real-time oxygen monitoring for modified atmosphere processing in both batch process machines, and form, fill and seal MAP machines.

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