tna introduces the tna intelli-flav® 2 flavouring system for flavoured products as a completely integrated component of the new tna roflo® 3 gateless and fully reversible transfer and distribution conveyors for the snack food industry. The tna intelli-flav® 2 flavouring system patented software measures flavour rates and product flow to monitor and self-regulate the correct feed-rates for consistent product flavouring. By proportionally distributing product/flavouring to the feeder/flavouring system while controlling the load balance, the flavour drum maintains maximum flavouring runtime and minimises under or over-flavouring. The consistent application and delicate handling also results in minimal flavour wastage and less product damage.

When the product flow rate changes, tna intelli-flav® 2 issues a corresponding change in the flavour rate ensuring the correct ratio of flavour to product is delivered. Settings are retained as a recipe on a touchscreen for simple operation and repeatability. A quick-change, lightweight polymer drum and gateless conveying pans require no tools, making changeovers and cleaning even quicker. The tna intelli-flav® 2 flavouring system can be used in combination with virtually any distribution and packaging system and when fully integrated with the tna roflo® 3 distribution system and tna robag® 3 the operation is even further simplified.

Totally reversible, gateless transfer and distribution system

tna roflo® 3 is the world’s first totally reversible, gateless transfer and distribution system. Linear servo-driven, horizontal motion and modular components permit bi-directional feed capabilities. Production systems with multiple products that would normally require a series of dedicated lines can now be serviced by one tna roflo® 3 line, reducing capital outlay by up to 40%. Using technology called the ‘switcheroo’, each modular stainless-steel pan component is capable of up and down tilt and can reverse feed direction independently. This ground-breaking agility means that the tna roflo® 3 conveyor is not locked into a fixed feed direction and can be configured into endless combinations.

The tna roflo® 3 also uses ‘erector’ technology to lift a selected modular stainless-steel pan component, which creates complete physical separation of lines and completely eliminates the possibility of cross contamination of product between the pans on multi-product lines – a must where allergens are concerned. The pans also offer a no tools, quick-release feature to further improve segregationsanitation.

tna roflo® 3’s efficient and sustainable design is also underpinned by an absolute minimal use of moving parts – tna even removed the traditional discharge gates, all of which maximises uptime and drives maintenance costs even lower.