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Perfectly Preserved Aromas and Flavours

Although supercritical CO2 technology was already being used in some industrial applications (decaffeination, nicotine extraction from tobacco, etc.), it took seven years of joint research with the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) before it could be applied to cork, giving rise to DIAMANT® technology, a proprietary cork taint removal process.

The end of flavour scalping

Thanks to DIAMANT® technology, the cork used in Diam® closures is free of flavour, void of TCA (the cork taint molecule) plus many other substances causing flavour modification. Stringent testing at every stage of production means that Diam® is the only cork individually guaranteed free of releasable TCA (≤ than the measurable limit of 0.3ng/l).

The sensory purity and neutrality of Diam® closures protect all the wine's subtlest notes.

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