Measurements in Bottles using OxySense Non-Invasive Oxygen Measurement Instrumentation

Measurement of oxygen permeation in bottles can be time consuming and complicated using traditional methods and instruments, such as the MOCON.

These instruments are very expensive and can only be used to measure oxygen permeation for a small number of bottles. During the measurement process (which can take several days) the instrument is occupied and cannot be used for other tests.

To make oxygen permeation measurements using this type of instrument, zero oxygen gas (nitrogen) has to be constantly flown through the bottle.

OxySense uses non-invasive oxygen measurement technology to determine oxygen permeation in bottles over time. These instruments can be used with unlimited number of bottles in order to determine the oxygen permeation in each of them.

It does not use nitrogen continuously and the permeation rates measured represent actual conditions for bottles on the shelf. The bottles can be empty or filled with products. They can also be tested with the closure attached.

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