Shelf-life Studies with OxySense’s Non-Invasive Oxygen Measurement Instrumentation

OxySense's instruments use non-invasive oxygen measurement technology to determine the amount of oxygen within a package. As this technology is non-destructive, oxygen in an individual package can be measured repeatedly over a period of weeks and months.

These instruments can be used with an unlimited number of packages to determine the oxygen permeation in them. The oxygen concentration measured in the packages represents actual conditions for the packages on the shelf.

The change in the oxygen concentration in the individual packages can be measured over time. These packages can be empty (just filled with modified atmosphere) or filled with product.

Therefore true shelf-life studies can be performed as the oxygen concentration in the same package can be measured repeatedly over time.

This method reduces the number of packages used for shelf-life studies and provides data that represents what is truly happening when the packages are left on the shelf.

Please download this white paper to learn more.

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