Reinvigorating the Debate about Printing Processes for Packaging

New Goss® Sunday™ Vpak™ variable sleeve presses introduce an entirely new way to exploit the inherent print quality, cost and agility advantages of web offset, according to Peter Walczak, Goss International director of product management for packaging presses.

Walczak says that, while packaging has not been directly threatened by electronic alternatives and remains a growing print sector, the pressures on packaging producers mirror those found in the other sectors. "Margins are tightening, brand owners and marketers are demanding higher print quality, and run lengths and turn-around times are coming down to achieve more dynamic, targeted and personalized packaging," he explains.

Add in emerging environmental, product safety and security issues, and it is no wonder that current print production methods are being analyzed so closely with an eye on improvement opportunities. "With new variable sleeve press technology available in web widths up to 1,905mm (75 inches) to address these requirements, the time is right to consider, or reconsider, web offset alternatives to flexo, gravure or sheetfed offset for some applications," Walczak adds.

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