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Stretch Wrapping Technology Through Innovation

With StretchMagazine, a customer magazine published by Cyklop Teknik, you will be able to see how your company can acquire safer methods of moving your goods, while at the same time wrapping them in a more gentle fashion. The answer lies in our stretch film machines, which use our patented Power Ecostretch Plus.

At Cyklop Teknik we have been producing stretch film machines since 1993. Today we have local representation in more than 50 countries. The development of our machines and their entire production process takes place in Burseryd, in the south-west of Sweden. From here, we have shipped more than 11,000 machines to destinations throughout the world. Our latest novelty is the GL 2000 Twin, which is something of a flagship to us, and which has a high production capacity. It is the fastest machine we have ever built.

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