Issue 23

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In the latest issue of Inside Packaging we speak to ElastiTag about its range of robust tag labelling solutions, investigate the success of flexible packaging and profile the Tetra Recart package, the world’s first retortable carton for shelf-stable food.

Also, we look at the many companies that are leading the way in innovative transit packaging, profile South London design agency Sedley Place, discuss how personalised packaging will make its way further into the lives of consumers through secondary uses, and, finally, we ask how does being in a circular economy relate to sustainable materials management?

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In This Issue

A Tag for All Seasons
Shaped as a shirt or sparkling like glitter, the ElastiTag takes on many different forms. Margot Knight finds out how the unique hang tag has achieved success and why it’s especially advantageous in time-limited offers and promotional campaigns.
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Flexible Packaging
Flexible packaging has carved out a dominant position and looks set to continue growing. We investigate the secret of its success and consider how its use might change in the years ahead.
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A Different Format
The tin can has been used as a food container for centuries, but now another retorted package is proving to be just as efficient.
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From Store to Door
As consumers become more and more dissatisfied with product deliveries, more companies are finding innovative ways to approach ecommerce packaging.
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Elite Design
After a long history in the luxury packaging market, South London design agency, Sedley Place, know a thing or two about packaging design.
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Personalisation in the Home
As personalisation becomes more prevalent in packaging we discover how personalised packaging can make its way further into our lives through secondary uses as display items or items to help aid your everyday life.
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A Circular Economy
What does it mean to be in a circular economy and how does it relate to sustainable materials management?
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Next Issue: September 2015

We take a look at the consumer trends shaping the European retail packaging market to find out how ageing populations, smaller households, the growth of online sales and an increased awareness of health and wellness are creating a range of new packaging demands.

Also, we profile Equator Design to find out more about the agency’s approach to packaging, speak to Botanical Paper Works to find out how plantable paper offers companies a way for their products to stand out from the crowd and we take a look at a new, sophisticated image recognition hardware that allows hundreds of items of packaging to be scanned at once.

Moreover, we profile the new Tetra Pak E3 range of filling machines and speak to the experts at DuPont to find out what role packaging plays in food security and reducing waste.

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