The United States Postal Service is a bustling hub of activity, processing and delivering a staggering 23.8m packages daily. However, amid this massive operation, a rising issue threatens the smooth flow of deliveries – porch piracy.

Package theft statistics: a closer look at the numbers

A recent 2023 survey conducted by Lombardo Homes sheds light on the alarming prevalence of package theft in the US.

Surprisingly, over a third of Americans admit to falling victim to porch pirates, with some unfortunate individuals experiencing multiple thefts.

On average, stolen packages cost victims $219, prompting 35% to install security systems or doorbell cameras to safeguard their deliveries.

Survey highlights

  • 54% know someone: More than half of Americans (54%) personally know someone who has fallen prey to package theft, often within their circle of friends or family.
  • Holiday season vulnerability: The holiday season proves to be a hotbed for porch pirates, with 3 in 5 thefts occurring during this festive period.
  • Security measures: Following a theft incident, 35% of victims took preventive action by investing in security systems or doorbell cameras.

Porch theft during the holiday season: a cause for concern

During the 2023 holiday season, anxiety looms over the possibility of increased package thefts. A whopping 94% of Americans anticipate deliveries during this festive time, but half express concerns about the safety of their packages.

Heightened worries lead 39% to fear more thefts in 2023 compared to previous years, especially after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Seasonal insights

  • Widespread concern: Nearly all Americans (94%) expect holiday deliveries, contributing to heightened anxiety about potential thefts.
  • Post-sale vulnerability: A significant 78% anticipate porch pirates striking more frequently after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Package theft prevention: strategies adopted by Americans

Despite the prevalence of porch piracy, Americans actively take measures to thwart thieves.

The most popular preventive methods include tracking deliveries, staying home for package receipt, signing up for delivery alerts, installing security systems, or redirecting deliveries to secure locations.

Preventive measures

  • Tracking deliveries: The majority of Americans rely on tracking their packages to stay informed and prevent theft.
  • Dissatisfaction with prevention: Over half believe delivery companies and retailers aren’t doing enough to prevent package theft.

Package thief hot spots: identifying vulnerable regions

Analysing Google searches reveals that certain states are more susceptible to package theft.

North Dakota, Rhode Island, Delaware, Vermont, and Nevada emerge as hot spots, while North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida experience fewer incidents.

Geographical insights

  • High-risk states: States like North Dakota and Rhode Island are identified as having a higher incidence of package theft, based on Google search data.
  • Legal consequences: Each state varies in its response to package theft, with potential penalties ranging from fines to jail time.

In the face of this escalating issue, taking proactive steps such as filing a police report and installing security systems becomes crucial for those who have fallen victim to porch piracy. During the holiday season, the spotlight is on delivery companies and retailers to enhance their efforts and curb the growing threat of package theft in the United States.