USA-based packaging specialist Airlite Plastics is unifying expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam brand Arctic Fox into KodiaKooler, the company announced in a press release yesterday. Airlite Plastics acquired chain insulated packaging company KodiaKooler in August last year and has taken the opportunity to merge the product lines under one brand.

Airlite Plastics acquired KodiaKooler last year in order to expand its growth in temperature-sensitive products and considers this unification to be the next phase of its cold chain division.

The unification with Arctic Fox means KodiaKooler will offer a wider product range including EPS foam, natural fibre, refrigerants, reflective insulation, and other cold chain packaging products.

Airlite Plastics CEO and President Brad Crosby said: “We are very excited about the next phase of our cold chain division. Expanding the KodiaKooler product line to offer both our manufactured EPS foam along with reflective pouches and box liners, pallet covers, refrigerants, and KodiaKotton – our natural fibre, sustainable packaging product – will allow us to fully service any cold chain packaging application.”

KodiaKotton is a natural fibre insulated shipper. It is recyclable and biodegradable and is assembled using the company’s KwikPack system.