Aptar Food + Beverage and Chacauhaa Brazil have collaborated with Chacauhaa’s owner, Clarissa Bajon, to develop inverted packaging for the brand’s honey product.

The companies developed the packaging solution for Mel de Cacau honey, a honey product derived from cocoa harvested in north-east Brazil.

The inverted closure features Aptar’s Lock-Back Partial Lid solution with a SimpliSqueeze flow control valve.

It replaces Mel de Cacau honey’s previous glass container with a metal lug cap.

The new packaging is intended to enhance the customer experience for the product.

Aptar Food + Beverage Latin America marketing development coordinator Nycollas Cardoso said: “Our company enjoys a great reputation for working with brands of all sizes.

“Every brand we team up with is an opportunity to revolutionise our markets with packaging innovation that not only helps our customers achieve their targets, but also aims to improve consumers’ lives with packaging solutions that provide safety and convenience.”

The packaging system is designed to be easy to use and offer a hygienic application without requiring the use of utensils.

It is also intended to make manufacturing and shipping more efficient.

Chacauhaa Brazil owner Clarissa Bajon said: “We chose Aptar to be our partner in this project for its expertise in product innovation and its global sustainability commitments, which align with our brand’s values and aspirations.”

In January this year, Aptar Food + Beverage launched its Rocket sports cap with European alkaline ionised bottled water brand ACTIPH Water.

The non-detachable tamper evidence system complies with various sustainability regulations, including the European Union’s Single-Use Plastics directive proposal.

In September last year, Germany-based baby food manufacturer HiPP used Aptar Food and Beverage’s Neo closure solution for its new infant formula packaging.

The tamper-evident closure features a 127mm-wide lid and a scoop. It is made from sustainably sourced renewable feedstock derived entirely from vegetable oil waste and residue.