Germany-based baby food manufacturer HiPP has used Aptar Food and Beverage’s Neo closure solution for its new infant formula packaging.

The tamper-evident closure solution features a 127mm-wide lid and a scoop. It makes an audible ‘click’ sound to ensure the package is fully locked.

This polypropylene closure is made from sustainably sourced renewable feedstock derived entirely from vegetable oil waste and residue.

To meet HiPP’s requirements, Aptar customised the packaging to make it easier to stack for convenient transportation.

The design used for HiPP’s product is also slightly taller compared to the standard Neo version.

HiPP is launching its redesigned infant formula packaging in certain Asian markets, including China and Hong Kong.

The Neo closure solution for HiPP is manufactured in a safe production environment called High Care.

Aptar said its other infant nutrition closures are also produced in this protected area to keep products free of contamination while ensuring hygiene and safety.

The infant nutrition closure comes with a ‘flexband’ design that offers low application force for a mechanical or manual application, as well as a centring mechanism to centre the closure onto the can easily.

It is also designed to guard the formula from insects and other contaminants.

HiPP is a processor of organic-biological raw materials worldwide and one of the leaders in the global infant food market.

In a separate development, AptarGroup has completed its acquisition of around 64.6% of the share capital of Voluntis at a price of €8.70 ($12.04) to a share.

In June, the company partnered with smart water bottle company REBO to introduce a smart reusable water bottle.

The bottle uses Bluetooth technology installed in its cap to help consumers keep track of the amount of water they consume.

When synchronised with a personalised hydration app available for iOS and Android devices, the tech can track consumers’ health targets and remind them to stay hydrated.