Japanese livestock-derived natural seasonings company Ariake is using SIG’s Slimline carton packs to fill its food products aseptically.

The partnership comes as Ariake plans to add a new range of premium liquid broths to its broth portfolio.

According to SIG, its carton packs help preserve the contained liquid food products’ taste, natural nutrients, flavours, and colours.

In addition, the carton packs are claimed to be ‘unbreakable’ and ‘lightweight’, which makes them convenient for transportation and distribution.

Ariake will initially roll out its premium liquid broths in SIG carton packs to the French market this month, followed by a launch in Belgium.

The food company already installed the SIG Slimline 12 Aseptic flexible filling machine at its production site in Maasmechelen, Belgium.

The advanced filling machine is capable of aseptically filling 12,000 carton packs per hour in different volume sizes, ranging from 500ml to 1,100ml.

Ariake Europe junior plant manager Sven Glibert said: “Our important partnership with SIG has enabled us to diversify our premium range of broths and to launch aseptically packed liquid broths to the market for the first time.

“Choosing SIG’s filling and packaging technology has opened up new retail opportunities for our top-quality products and will help us to reach new consumers, stand out on [the] shelf and achieve profitable growth. SIG’s flexible filling technology will also allow us to adapt to market changes and react quickly to changing consumer preferences and behaviour.”

Late last month, South India-based dairy product manufacturer Milky Mist Dairy Foods selected SIG to provide its advanced filling machines.