Plastic packaging manufacturer Berry Global has introduced new lightweight closures specifically designed for the protein powder market.  

The launch includes the 120-Special Next Gen Deep Skirt Screw On Closure Ribbed (120 Deep Skirt) and the 110/400 Wide-mouth Screw On Closure Ribbed (Lightweight 110/400). 

According to Berry, both these closures can be incorporated with 25% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. 

Developed from widely recyclable polypropylene (PP), these closures are safe for food contact. 

The closures feature standard liner and are engineered for optimal grip and usability, featuring a fine-ribbed sidewall and stipple top.  

They also ensure a secure, leak-free seal with precise closure-to-bottle thread contact and boast an inside gate for a smooth top surface. 

In addition to food, Berry’s new closures are suitable for wellness, personal care, beauty and pet care markets.  

The products are particularly suited for protein powders and beauty and wellness supplements, with matching stock bottles available to provide a complete packaging solution. 

These new closures are part of Berry’s B Circular Range of packaging and product solutions. 

Using the company’s engineering expertise and proprietary processes in the design, products under this range reduce the impact on the environment and help brand owners meet their sustainability goals.  

A life cycle assessment by the Association of Plastic Recyclers revealed that the 120 Deep Skirt closure is approximately 33% lighter, potentially reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 192 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO₂e) a year.  

Similarly, the Lightweight 110/400 closure, being about 31% lighter, could reduce up to 125t of tCO₂e annually, equivalent to the CO₂ emissions from approximately 289 barrels of oil consumed. 

Berry has been offering a wide range of plastic caps and closures, including snap, screw and flip-top caps, overcaps, and tube closures. 

Recently, the company partnered with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company to create a recyclable barrier solution for various packaging applications.