Plastic packaging manufacturer Berry Global has entered into an agreement with Spanish multi-energy global company Repsol for circular resins supply.

As part of the agreement, Berry will receive ISCC Plus certified circular polyolefins from Repsol’s Reciclex range.

Under ISCC PLUS certification, Repsol’s petrochemical complexes are certified to manufacture circular polyolefins.

Repsol Polyolefins business unit director Rafael Jiménez said: ““At Repsol, we are continuously working on different alternatives to offer our clients materials with recycled content that meet the different demands for their specific markets, especially those for high added value applications.

“With this recent alliance with Berry, we also reinforce our ambition to recycle the equivalent of 20% of our polyolefins production.”

The latest agreement complements Berry’s and Repsol’s list of initiatives to enhance the circular economy of application that requires hygiene and safety.

Berry will make use of the food-grade polypropylene at its European packaging manufacturing facilities to make food and healthcare packaging.

Berry consumer packaging international division president Jean-Marc Galvez said: “We continue to utilise new and innovative methods to create more environmentally sustainable packaging and are proud to partner with like-minded suppliers in these efforts.

“By recovering and diverting plastic that would have otherwise been sent to landfill or incineration, we are working towards our common goal of promoting a circular economy.”

In September this year, Berry Global partnered with North America’s branded food company Conagra Brands to present a new package design for its Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa line.