Botanical wellness company Traditional Medicinals has launched a certified compostable tea wrapper in partnership with packaging company ProAmpac.

The company will transition to the Biodegradable Products Institute-certified wrappers this year.

Traditional Medicinals state that the new packaging eliminates reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels and contains a thin metalised barrier layer, commonly found in snack food packaging. This reportedly protects the quality and freshness of the company’s herbs.

The transition aims to reduce single-use plastic waste from the company’s entire product line by 70%-90% within three years and reduce landfill waste if the product is disposed of in proper industrial composting facilities.

Traditional Medicinals sustainability impact manager Taylor Clayton comments: “After nearly ten years of research, development, and rigorous testing in partnership with ProAmpac, we’re proud to launch the first-ever BPI-certified, industrially compostable tea wrapper.

“This wrapper will keep the organic, high-quality ingredients in our product fresh and efficacious. It also sets the standard for compostable packaging moving forward, contributing to the long-term health of our planet for years to come.”

ProAmpac innovation manager Ray Recchia says: “Developing and launching the pioneering BPI-certified compostable tea overwrap is a significant step forward for the sustainable packaging industry.

“We’re proud to partner with Traditional Medicinals on this innovation that protects their teas’ quality while supporting consumers’ sustainability efforts and contributing to a more circular economy. Our goal is that this advancement will encourage more brands to come together.”

Traditional Medicinals has also joined the One Step Closer to Zero Waste campaign, which works towards reducing and eliminating single-use plastics in products, packaging and personal lives.

This year, ProAmpac also collaborated with aseptic food product manufacturer FirstWave to develop aseptic pouches.