American packaging tapes and adhesives specialist Bron Tapes yesterday announced the launch of an e-commerce platform with an interactive customer portal.

The company says the e-commerce site was launched to provide more purchasing options and customer portal access to new and existing customers.

Bron Tapes CEO Mike Shand said: “Bron Tapes has been providing tape solutions for over 45 years. 

“We are excited to add a customer portal experience that provides an online ordering solution and an additional level of service to our valued customers.”

The new interactive portal offers customers access to their purchase history, order status and tracking information. Bron Tapes marketing director Holly Wilson said in 2022, customers were asked as part of a survey what was most important to them in an online account and that Bron Tapes’ new e-commerce platform has managed to meet all its customer’s requests.

Bron Tapes say that the updated website offers more than 80 of the most popular tape solutions for customers to explore, including its popular Killer Red double-sided tape.

Shand added: “We were very intentional about the first catalogue of products we selected for the website. Starting with our most trusted tape solutions, we will continue expanding the product mix to better serve our customers.”

This news falls in line with the key packaging themes highlighted by GlobalData, Packaging Gateway’s parent company. In November 2022, GlobalData analysts noted digitalisation as being one of five key trends set to impact the global packaging industry.

GlobalData analyst Rory Gopsill told Packaging Gateway exclusively at the time: “Digitalisation underpins automation, unlocking the potential of e-commerce, and improves business operations based on data analysis. It is essential in the short term, with the looming recession, and it makes improving efficiencies all the more important.”