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How Duclo Recycling is pushing circularity forwards in the UK

Packaging Gateway’s Ryan Ellington talks to the operations director at Duclo Recycling’s parent company, Duo, about a recent investment that is improving the circular offering for UK-based businesses.

Extended Producer Responsibility: New obligations for packaging producers

Bill Dunkerley, associate partner in the regulatory team of commercial law firm, Pannone Corporate, lifts the lid on the regulations that will help packaging companies prepare for the year ahead.

Why medical packaging should be part of the treatment

Tone Product Design talk on the opportunities for designers within medical packaging and offering a good end-user experience

The three themes shaping the future of the packaging industry

Packaging Gateway reveals the three main themes GlobalData analysts believe will have the biggest impact on businesses in the near future.

How circularity can be a catalyst for innovation

Mainetti chief operations officer Keith Charlton explains why plastic is not always the problem and shares the innovative ways it can be kept within a closed-loop system.

How cloud labelling technology is boosting the future of packaging

The packaging industry has seen a rise in labelling technology, writes Loftware senior vice president of product management and marketing, Josh Roffman.

Is Carlsberg’s sustainable Fibre Bottle the next frontier for the beer industry?

Carlsberg tells Packaging Gateway about how it is pushing bottling innovation forward with its new fibre bottles that are being trialled across Europe.

How the drinks industry is moving into the future with sustainability in mind

Packaging Gateways Ryan Ellington uses GlobalData research to uncover the current trends within the alcoholic beverage industry.

How to balance sustainability with a cost-effective packaging model

Following Tetra Pak’s latest annual sustainability report detailing major gains in its efforts to cut carbon emissions, Tetra Pak’s global vice president reveals how to boost sustainability efforts while creating a cost-effective model.

How a country in economic turmoil is still ripe for packaging investors

Wilkins Spence Packaging Lanka (Pvt) Ltd managing director and group chairman of The Wilkins Group UK, Andre Wilkins explains why investment in the Sri Lankan apparel packaging industry is important despite the economic crisis.