Australian supermarket chain Coles has decided to remove plastic measuring scoops from its Coles Brand laundry powders.

The retailer has removed scoops from Coles Tropical Paradise and Coles Ultra Original and Sensitive laundry powders as of 1 April.

The products’ packaging will now feature a light green lid, with a label that reads ‘Reducing our Impact’.

It also includes clear detergent dose instructions to help customers measure their powder without a scoop.

The initiative is expected to allow Coles to save 3t of plastic a year.

Coles Own Brand, Quality and Responsible Sourcing general manager Charlotte Rhodes said: “As customers look to live and shop more sustainably, Coles is leading the way in innovation and value, offering customers quality options across household necessities that won’t hurt the planet or the budget.

“As part of our ‘together to zero waste’ journey, Coles is proud to provide customers with more sustainable solutions,” she said.

“Removing plastic scoops from Coles Brand laundry packs is a small step we can take with our customers that will reduce our environmental footprint.

“In addition to our wider sustainability initiatives, every change and commitment we make toward a greener future helps to create a better Australia for generations to come.”

The removal of plastic scoops from laundry packs is part of Coles’ goal to become Australia’s most sustainable supermarket.

The retailer has already made 87% of its Coles Own Brand and Coles Own Liquor Brand primary packaging recyclable.

Earlier this month, Coles launched home compostable coffee capsules under its Coles Urban Coffee Culture brand.

Made using bio-sourced cellulose and vegetable oils, the pods are claimed to take as much time to decompose in home compost bins as orange peel.

They are certified by the Australasian Bioplastics Association and currently available in Coles’ supermarkets across Australia.