European packaging manufacturer Coveris has announced the development of its new sustainably sourced and recyclable HEAT packaging range for hot food on-the-move.

The HEAT range features dual ovenable and hot-hold functionality and is produced using printable dual-ovenable cartonboard and hybrid cartonboard and film formats.

It allows touch-free cooking within cafes, fast food outlets, coffee shops and ‘grab and go’ establishments.

The packaging removes the need for direct food contact as HEAT range allows the food to remain inside its packaging from cooking to merchandising and consumption.

Some of the heat-instore applications are pastries, wraps, toasties, and pastas. The range can endure up to 220°C cooking temperatures and up to 90°C hot holding.

Additionally, HEAT range features window patched box, which enhances the visibility of the product and quality assurance.

Coveris food on the move sales director Michael Conway said: “The development of Coveris’ HEAT range meets consumer demands for a wider choice of hot eat food-to-go using responsible and sustainably sourced packaging.

“Cook-instore food products can often feature a three-touch cooking process: packaging removal, heat and serve.

“With HEAT’s dual ovenable and hot-hold properties, we eliminate the need for food handling, delivering instore touch-free cooking for added protection, safety and consumer confidence eating on-the-move.”

The company is offering the HEAT range in board-only and window patched designs including formats such as clamshell, nested box and wrap box.

In July this year, Coveris announced plans to make an investment of £3.5m in Amberley Labels as part of the company’s growth strategy in the high-end and luxury labelling sector.