Rigid packaging products supplier Crown has enhanced its sustainability commitment with the launch of a new initiative.

Twentyby30 outlines twenty environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals to be achieved by 2030 or earlier.

Under this programme, Crown has recognised Climate Action, Resource Efficiency, Optimum Circularity, Working Together and Never Compromise as five pillars of action.

The company aims to reduce its operations waste to zero and make its packaging from aluminium and steel cans 10% lighter in weight.

Additionally, it will team up with industry associations and other partners to build metal packaging recycling rates in major markets.

It will also use 10% recycled content in plastic strapping and aims to achieve zero waste from its operations to landfill.

Crown president and chief executive officer Timothy Donahue said: “Our spirit of innovation and commitment to operating efficiently and responsibly have guided our business since we were founded, and we are proud of the sustainability progress we have made to date.

“The Twentyby30 programme is a bold, comprehensive initiative that represents the next chapter of our sustainability journey.

“The programme’s ambitious goals, which touch all aspects of our business, will help us accelerate our progress over the next decade, allowing us to make the greatest impact possible while reducing our footprint.”

Crown will provide updates on the progress made towards each Twentyby30 programme goal.

Last month, Crown announced construction of a new beverage can manufacturing facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky, US. It is expected to be operational in the second quarter of 2021.