UK packaging company DS Smith has collaborated with ecological cleaning products provider HYGENIQ to support its delivery of hand gel bottles.

With demand for alcohol hand sanitisers increasing due to coronavirus pandemic, HYGENIQ started receiving several new orders.

It needed a solution to help it meet the growing demand. HYGENIQ was also falling short of bottles.

HYGENIQ Logistics coordinator Jack Kok said: “We are currently receiving a lot of urgent requests. Actually, we hardly have time for anything else. Our customers supply hospitals, care institutions and emergency services who are most urgently in need of our hygiene products.”

DS Smith Almelo was then approached to help. It delivered new packaging within a day that fit the dimension of HYGENIQ’s new bottles of organic alcohol hand gels.

Kok added: “We were able to pack the bio-alcohol gel immediately and deliver it early the next morning. Only if we all work together can we successfully deal with this crisis.”

According to DS Smith sales manager Gilian Schuurhuis, the Almelo branch holds cardboard and special machines’ stock separately.

The equipment helps it fulfil ‘small numbers and rush orders’.

Earlier this month, DS Smith donated cardboard boxes to Anzú for the distribution of masks amid the Covid-19 pandemic.