UK packaging company DS Smith and environment protection organisation Keep Scotland Beautiful have partnered for a coffee cup recycling programme.

Initially started by Keep Scotland Beautiful, the Cup Movement programme is designed to increase awareness, guide businesses and reduce coffee cup waste in the Greater Glasgow area.

As part of the partnership, DS Smith will launch its Coffee Cup Drop Box recycling service across the region.

The boxes are made from recycled paper packaging and can hold up to 700 used coffee cups.

The collected cups will be taken to DS Smith’s paper mill in Kemsley for recycling.

Keep Scotland Beautiful operations director Catherine Gee said: “Cup Movement aims to work across all sectors to find solutions for reducing the amount of waste associated with single-use cups. We are delighted to have the support of DS Smith and to include the Coffee Cup Drop Box in our suite of interventions.

“Its unique design is well-suited for overcoming some of the barriers to cup recycling, particularly for SMEs, and we are excited to be rolling it out as part of our city-wide initiative in Glasgow.”

In 2019, Greater Glasgow contributed approximately 100 million single-use coffee cups of the total 500 million used in Scotland.

Of these, only 4% were recycled, which means approximately 90 million cups ended up in a landfill.

In December 2019, DS Smith entered an exclusive partnership with packaging company Zeus to support paper coffee cup recycling in Ireland.

The partners are planning to create a nationwide recycling infrastructure.