Circular economy group Ellen MacArthur Foundation yesterday reported on a series of updates that occurred last month, including a response to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, news of it’s Plastic Pact network expansion, and more businesses joining its Circular Economy 100 (CE100) Network.

The foundation said of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic: “In these challenging times, we aim to continue to support our network in accelerating the transition to a circular economy. With this in mind, we would like to assure everyone that we are taking all the necessary measures to safeguard our employees, and all those we work with. To maintain core business functions. our team will work remotely from home for the foreseeable future.”

Ellen MacArthur Foundation also reported the expansion of its Plastic Pact network, with the official launch of the European Plastics Pact and the announcement of a plastics pact for Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Island Nations.

It also saw more businesses joining its CE100 Network circular economy programme, a network of businesses working together to promote a circular economy, in March. Companies that joined include US-based packaging protective layer producer Apeel Sciences, UK-based flat wine bottle company Garçon Wines, and Czech Republican reusable packaging specialist MIWA Technologies, among others.

The foundation also announced yesterday the launch of a ten-week online circular economy programme titled From Linear to Circular: Open to All. According to the foundation. The programme is “designed to empower the next generation of circular economy leaders and pioneers”. The programme is free and open to all.