ePac and Scantrust to introduce smart connected packaging solutions

July 7, 2021 (Last Updated July 7th, 2021 12:08)

The ePacConnect system will use ePac’s digital printing capabilities and Scantrust’s advanced solutions.

ePac and Scantrust to introduce smart connected packaging solutions
ePac and Scantrust will together offer secure, serialised QR codes on all packaging through ePacConnect. Credit: Gerd Altmann / Pixabay.

US-based packaging company ePac Flexible Packaging and Swiss connected goods and packaging platform Scantrust have partnered to introduce advanced connected packaging solutions.

The companies will provide secure, serialised QR codes on all packaging via the ePacConnect system.

The digitally enabled packaging solution, launched last October, is intended for all brands, including small and medium-sized businesses.

Through this solution, ePac and Scantrust will also provide access to a suite of Scantrust applications.

All packaging will be equipped with a unique digital identity that can be identified when scanned with a smartphone camera.

ePac chief marketing officer Carl Joachim said: “We’ve been working with Scantrust for some time now to develop and market a connected packaging solution that is scalable from small brands to large consumer-packaged goods (CPGs).

“What’s great about working with Scantrust is that they too operate worldwide and share our commitment to helping small and medium-sized businesses compete and grow.

“We already have a number of customers in the US and Europe using the solution.”

In addition to offering all brands an entry-level no-cost solution, the solution also makes it easier to add a complete suite that is readily available for applications.

The solution protects brands from counterfeits and offers personalised consumer experiences.

Scantrust and ePac aim to produce billions of pouches with ePacConnect in the coming years.

Scantrust CEO Nathan Anderson said: “With this partnership, we’re able to bring Scantrust’s advanced connected goods solutions to brands of all sizes at scale.

“This will enable more meaningful connections with their customers and empower people to be able to trust the source, safety, and integrity of the products in their life, while also increasing supply chain visibility.”

In April, ePac secured strategic financing of around $10m to $15m from consumer packaging firm Amcor.