US-based nutrition provider Gerber and recycling company TerraCycle have partnered to recycle baby food packaging across the country.

The two companies are individually committed to eliminate waste and enable customers to recycle baby food packaging via TerraCycle.

To join the programme, customers need to enrol on the Gerber Recycling Program page. Then, they can send non-municipally recyclable packaging.

The packaging will be collected, cleaned and converted into hard plastic. The recycled plastic can be reused to produce new recycled items.

Interested individuals, schools, offices or community organisations can participate in the programme.

TerraCycle CEO and founder Tom Szaky said: “Through this free recycling programme, Gerber is offering parents an easy way to divert waste from landfills by providing a responsible way to dispose of certain hard-to-recycle baby food packaging.

“By collecting and recycling these items, families can demonstrate their respect for the environment not only through the products that they choose for their children but also with how they dispose of the packaging.”

To encourage participation in the programme, customers will be rewarded $1 for every pound of packaging waste sent.

The reward will go to a non-profit, school or charitable organisation of the collector’s choice.

Gerber president and CEO Bill Partyka said: “We know every parent’s top priority is to ensure a healthy, happy future for their baby. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in giving parents a hand in making their baby’s future that much brighter.”

Earlier this month, TerraCycle collaborated with health and hygiene company RB to enable customers to recycle their consumer goods packaging.