In a concerted effort to shed light on Canada’s plastic packaging scenario, the Canada Plastics Pact (CPP) commissioned a comprehensive study. The goal? To gain insight into the sheer volume of plastic packaging generated nationwide and to assess its current management practices.

This report is a pivotal resource for CPP as it charts its course toward meeting ambitious sustainability targets.

The CPP’s report offers a bird’s-eye view of plastic packaging in Canada. It serves as a cornerstone for CPP’s strategic initiatives in the quest for sustainable packaging solutions.

The study dissects the vast landscape of plastic packaging, spotlighting its generation and management across the country. This vital perspective helps CPP navigate the complex waters of plastic waste reduction effectively.

Factors shaping Canada’s plastic packaging landscape

The report also peels back the layers to reveal the factors shaping Canada’s plastic packaging landscape.

By identifying the key drivers, the CPP aims to better understand the challenges at hand. From consumer behaviors to industry practices, this section of the report provides valuable insights into the forces influencing the current state of plastic packaging in Canada.

The CPP report doesn’t stop at analysis; it lays out a roadmap for action. It presents potential solutions and highlights areas where focused efforts are required to achieve CPP’s sustainability goals.

By outlining these recommendations, the report equips stakeholders in the packaging industry with a clear path forward, fostering collaboration and innovation in the quest for a greener, more sustainable future.

For a deep dive into the CPP’s foundational research on Canadian plastics packaging, you can access the full report here.