US-based technology company Identiv and Australian digital tamper seal provider TrueGreen have developed a smart packaging solution for cannabis products.

The two companies partnered in December last year to expedite the development of digitised consumer experiences for the cannabis market.

They have deployed a smart tamper seal using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which works with TrueGreen’s software as a service platform to manage the digital identification of each cannabis package.

The smart seal allows business system functions and metadata from licensed producers and operators to be added to the package.

Identiv and TrueGreen have already developed three new multi-use smart tamper seal designs that were launched on the market this year.

TrueGreen will begin working with multi-state cannabis company Standard Wellness in the next few days.

TrueGreen president Katherine Lagow said: “Managing inventory in the cannabis industry can be incredibly complicated because every state has different regulations on packaging, different standards for compliance, and the supply chain issues are endlessly frustrating and changing every day.

“We aimed to provide a unique digital identity to every single physical package, through a certified tamper-evident seal, guaranteeing authenticity and efficiency, and we’ve succeeded in doing that.

“As a bonus, the embedded technology connects brands and consumers directly, opening a world of possibilities after POS for customer loyalty and streamlined marketing efforts in a very marketing-challenged space.”

Identiv vice-president and transponders general manager Amir Khoshniyati said: “Our partnership with TrueGreen is transforming the operational aspect of the cannabis marketplace from product packaging to post-sale engagement.

“As just a first step, we’re delivering several million units over the next few months in support of TrueGreen’s expansive vision to transform the cannabis industry.”

In July this year, Identiv completed the pilot launch of its near-field communication-enabled smart packaging for spirit brand OTACA Tequila.