US-based packaging company Jabil Packaging Solutions has partnered with Spanish coffee roaster Productos Solubles (Prosol) to develop a home-compostable coffee capsule.

The high-barrier compostable capsule is designed for single-serve espresso brewers and is claimed to improve on existing solutions.

According to the developers, it does not require a plastic or foil pouch to maintain the product’s freshness, flavour and shelf life.

Jabil Packaging Solutions and Prosol will jointly present the sustainable capsule at the AMI Single-Serve Capsules conference in Barcelona this week.

Jabil Packaging Solutions technology vice-president Ayana Johnson said: “The high-barrier compostable coffee capsule is an excellent example of where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

“The capsule and coffee grounds work together to break down in-home or commercial composting environments, reducing both packaging waste as well as coffee grounds waste.

“Jabil’s deep material science expertise and history of innovation in the coffee capsule format allowed us to create something that is uniquely differentiated in the marketplace today.”

Prosol contributed its technological knowledge of brewer performance, home compostability and the capsule fill process when designing the solution.

Through its partnership with Prosol, Jabil Packaging Solutions expects to bring more than 500 million compostable coffee capsules to European consumers over the next four years.

Prosol CEO Rocío Hervella said: “Knowing we didn’t want to negatively affect user experience, we were inspired to work with Jabil to design a home compostable, high-barrier pod that didn’t even consider tradeoffs.

“The ability to compost these pods at home opens up new opportunities for coffee brands looking to capture a segment of consumers who are increasingly unwilling to bend their ideals for convenience or value.”

In July, Canada-based packaging solutions supplier NEXE launched a line of fully compostable coffee pods in the US and Canada.