US-based thermoformed product manufacturer Jamestown Plastics has developed a durable and sustainable alternative to clamshell packaging.

Named Clamtainer, the packaging uses the patented Click-It Closure technology, which offers a one-snap closing system.

It does not require scissors, knives or strength to open and can be accessed easily by older individuals, as well as those with arthritis and other mobility challenges.

The packaging can be included in manufacturers’ ‘frustration-free’ packaging programmes and is suitable for brands that require certified child-resistant packaging, as it is hard for children to open.

Jamestown Plastics CEO Jay Baker said: “Clamtainer doesn’t require welding, heat sealing or equipment and tooling to buy and maintain.

“This is not only attractive to a manufacturer’s bottom line but by reducing the amount of time needed to pack out products, it is a more efficient method that is especially helpful to companies facing labour shortages and budgetary constraints.

Jamestown Plastics said that Clamtainer weighs less than traditional clamshell packaging and can therefore reduce shipping costs, as well as offering other economic and sustainable benefits.

The solution requires less time to load and close and can be made from a range of different materials, including recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET).

It can also be reused for other applications, meaning it does not enter the recycling loop.

Founded in 1958, Jamestown Plastics provides thermoformed products for the automotive, medical, electronics, general industrial and consumer goods industries.

The company aims to save companies time and money and increase their market shares by improving their brands.

In September 2019, US-based flexible packaging company Novolex launched EcoCraft Fresh & Crispy, a range of clamshell containers designed to keep fried foods warm and ‘crunchy’.

The containers use at least 33% post-consumer recycled content and are made with Eco-Flute micro-flute corrugation to provide rigidity and crush strength during transportation.