French fresh vegetables producer and packer Marais Group announced today that it will be using eco-friendly wooden and cardboard packaging for the next Noirmoutier potato harvest at the end of February. According to a press release, the company changed packaging as part of a drive for eco-responsible packaging in the fruit and vegetable sector.

A Marais Group spokesperson said: “There is a desire on our part to reduce the use of plastic. For this new harvest, we will introduce wooden and cardboard packaging. It is an authentic packaging, in keeping with the values of the Noirmoutier potato, a product with a long tradition.”

The new packaging will include a wooden basket with a cardboard cover. The potatoes will be available in the wooden baskets in units of 1kg and 500g. The company had previously used plastic trays to package potatoes, as well as other products.

A representative of the Marais Group told Packaging Gateway that all its other products, including tomatoes, leek, radish, and lamb’s lettuce, will be seeing new packaging methods by the end of February. More information on this is yet to be announced.