Indian consumer goods company Marico has joined a sustainable packaging partnership led by Dow and Lucro Plastecycle .

In February, Dow and Lucro Plastecycle partnered to develop polyethylene (PE) film solutions using post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics.

Marico’s joining the partnership is expected to help Dow meet its goal of procuring, reusing or recycling 1MMT of plastics by 2030, as well as driving the adoption of PCR in sustainable packaging in the Asia Pacific region.

Dow Packaging and Speciality Plastics Asia Pacific commercial vice-president Bambang Candra said: “We are pleased to welcome Marico, a leading consumer goods company in the health, beauty and wellness space, join us in partnership and leading the way in India by offering circular packaging options through Dow’s innovative resins and Lucro’s expertise as a high quality, innovative and recycled-content flexible film manufacturer.

“This partnership places all the valuable stakeholders along the road to sustainability, with the aim to meet market demands for brands seeking to use more recycled content in their packaging.”

Marico supply chain and IT chief operating officer Jitendra Mahajan said: “Sustainability is a long-term commitment and a way of life at Marico. We are constantly working towards making a difference by adopting every possible measure that will propel us further along the road to secure a sustainable future.

“Furthering our ongoing programmes towards integrating circularity principles in product packaging, this partnership with Dow is significant as it enables us to use PCR resin, which helps reduce our carbon footprint.”