Multinational packaging and paper company Mondi has developed a range of ‘fit-for-purpose’ packaging solutions for the fresh produce market.

The Grow&Go packaging products are designed to protect and transport fresh produce safely and efficiently from farms to stores to consumers’ homes.

The range is available in various sizes and formats, including trays, carry-packs and pallet-ready bulk shipping boxes.

Products in the portfolio are stackable and can reduce food waste by protecting fruits and vegetables from damage after assembly and filling.

Mondi Corrugated Solutions product innovation manager Jan Blankiewicz said: “Steep demand increases are on the horizon for small portion packaging.

“Small portion packs offer many benefits to the end consumer, such as providing the product to be taken directly from the shelf in its packaging without the fresh produce being touched.

“They also make the shopping experience more convenient – no more fussing with scales or sachets – and they protect fragile items like tomatoes for the trip home.”

Mondi said that its Grow&Go range complies with food contact standards.

The mono-material solutions are made of easy-to-recycle paper and can be easily pressed or folded for disposal in recycling bins.

A FEFCO study titled ‘Recycling vs Reuse for Packaging’ found that recyclable corrugated boxes had a lower environmental impact than reusable plastic crates in ten out of 15 life cycle impact categories.

Mondi Corrugated Solutions sales and marketing director Tarik Aniba said: “The latest trends as well as legislation have propelled the move away from plastic packaging for fresh produce.

“It is also more appealing for customers to receive their produce in sustainable, fully recyclable packaging, made only of paper, starch and glue.”

Last month, Mondi partnered with German machine supplier beck packautomaten to launch a packaging solution for the e-commerce industry.