UK-based drinking water brand Buxton Natural Mineral Water, a subsidiary of Nestlé, has switched to recycled PET plastic (rPET) for its entire range of bottles.

All Buxton bottles are now manufactured fully with high-quality food-grade rPET except for their caps and labels, which are made from various virgin plastic polymers.

Buxton has started rolling out the new bottles in stores and is expected to launch the full range by the end of this month.

The move will allow Nestlé Waters UK to significantly reduce its use of virgin PET plastic in manufacturing its bottles.

With this achievement, Buxton has fulfilled its 2019 commitment to make its full range of bottles from rPET.

The move is also in line with Nestlé’s efforts to reduce its use of virgin plastics by one-third by 2025, as well as Nestlé Waters’ commitment to becoming carbon-neutral by 2025.

It is part of Nestlé Waters UK’s long-term partnership with waste management business Biffa, which aims to make Buxton bottles recycled and recyclable.

Nestlé Waters UK managing director Grant McKenzie said: “I am delighted that our full range of Buxton bottles are now made with high-quality recycled PET and that we can help to close the recycling loop on plastic.

“This has not been an easy journey, and we are proud to have overcome the obstacles to become the largest British water brand to have all its bottles made entirely with recycled plastic (excluding caps and labels).

“The bottles are designed for recycling and remain recyclable – once consumers have enjoyed hydrating with Buxton, they can simply flatten the bottle, put the cap back on and pop it into a recycling bin.

“They are only waste if we waste the opportunity to recycle them into new bottles.”

Last June, Nestlé developed two packaging solutions for its Vittel GO and Vittel Hybrid natural mineral water bottles.