US-based packaging company Novolex has launched tamper-evident paper bags designed for takeout orders and home deliveries.

Manufactured by the company’s Duro brand, the Load & Fold and Load & Seal shopping bags are intended to provide more secure transport and deliveries for restaurants and retailers.

Novolex said that the Load & Seal shopping bags have a built-in tamper-evident adhesive strip to seal the bag securely.

The Load & Fold bags provide an ‘upscale folded top security’ option with a customer-supplied branded label or other adhesive strip to seal the bag.

Both bag designs have a wide opening for easy loading and a flat bottom for keeping the items secure. They also feature sturdy paper twist handles that are designed to provide easy, reliable carrying.

Novolex Innovation director John Veder said: “With demand for retail and food deliveries, along with carryout meals continuing to soar, these paper shopping bags offer convenience, security, and peace of mind for customers and business owners alike.

“They can be used in a wide variety of applications where tamper evidence and functionality are key.”

Novolex said that both bags are available in a range of sizes and can be branded with advertising and logos.

Based in Hartsville, South Carolina, Novolex develops and manufactures packaging solutions for the foodservice, delivery and carryout, food processor and industrial sectors.

The company operates 57 manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe, including two plastic film recycling centres.

In June this year, Novolex introduced a reusable tote bag, ProWAVE Tote, which is designed for the e-commerce market.

Manufactured by the company’s Hilex subsidiary, the ProWAVE Tote bag aims to offer more convenience for supermarkets, restaurants, retailers, and customers.

It features 20% recycled content, two folded handles and a double-ply top to provide stiffness, as well as a rectangular bottom.