UK metal powders and glitter supplier Ronald Britton has launched the world’s first biodegradable and plastic-free glitter Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE for the packaging, print and coatings industry.

Designed to decompose in natural freshwater environments, Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE is created using natural materials. The plastic-free glitter has been verified microplastic free by the European Union (EU) and certified ‘OK biodegradable water’ by technical service provider TÜV.

Ronald Britton states that the Bioglitter is ‘completely durable as a glitter in product, but once it enters the natural environment, microbes will digest the glitter turning it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.’

Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE was initially created for the cosmetic industry but can be used in the packaging, coating, printing and decorative industries. For packaging, the Bioglitter can help tackle the plastic problem created from items such as Christmas wrapping paper and gift bags.

Ronald Britton commercial director Stephen Cotton said: “Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE is completely unique in the market; it is the first glitter of its kind in the world to use natural materials and no plastic.

“The issue of plastic waste and microplastics is something we’ve been working towards tackling in glitter for the best part of a decade. Our first step on the Bioglitter journey was the launch of our original Bioglitter product back in 2014, followed with Deco Bioglitter SPARKLE, a technical grade for coating and print applications, last year.

“Deco Bioglitter SPARKLE was designed for the coatings market and remains our brightest Bioglitter product. It has also been independently tested to prove that biodegradation is high in the natural environment. Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE takes that one step further and offers the market a new glitter effect that is completely plastic free.

“It’s no exaggeration to say this is a huge change for the industry, setting a new microplastic free glitter standard. Cosmetic Bioglitter PURE truly is a guilt free glitter, designed to offer a sparkly effect, but not at a cost to the environment.”