North American pet food and consumer packaging supplier Polytex Fibers has launched a line of recyclable films and bags made entirely from polyethylene (PE).

The PurE range is claimed to deliver all the performance benefits of other multi-structure laminated films and bags.

PurE films offer 30% less haze than traditional PE films, enabling clear reverse printing with ‘seamless’ lamination.

The mono-material products use up to 90% less elongation than traditional PE films, which allows for faster fill speeds on packaging lines.

They also offer a higher melt index to create strong seals, as well as strong oxygen barriers and moisture barrier properties.

In addition, PurE films are up to 300% more rigid than traditional PE films, making it easier for products to stand up on shelves.

The films incorporate up to 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content and are accepted at the company’s existing closed-loop recycling programmes.

Polytex Fibers is one of Five Star Holding’s five business entities.

Five Star CEO Mike Ukropina said: “We are extremely proud of the advances we offer in 100% PE structures to support our customers’ 2025 sustainability pledges.

“The PurE family of products achieves our goal of fully recyclable packages with both industry-leading performance and appearance.

“We believe mono-material packaging is an important part of our sustainability solution and extends our leadership alongside our closed-loop programmes and bio-film packaging.”

Polytex Fibers created the PurE products using its product development knowledge and the extrusion capacity that the company recently added to its US operations.

The product line is currently available for purchase for all pet food packaging formats, including quad seal bags and stand-up pouches.

Last week, Canadian plastic packaging company Printex Transparent Packaging introduced a range of fully PCR polyethylene terephthalate (PET) clear boxes.

The Eco-PET 100 boxes can be recycled repeatedly and are designed to serve as a ‘suitable’ replacement for virgin PET.