US-based plastic fabrication company Pöppelmann Plastics USA has announced plans to increase the manufacturing capacity of its production facility in Claremont, North Carolina.

The company will add 100,000ft² of space to the facility to accommodate its automotive production line.

The expansion project is expected to create 133 jobs, including machine operators, maintenance technicians, warehouse personnel and administrative staff.

It will require an estimated total investment of more than $19.2m.

Pöppelmann Plastics USA president Craig Moody said: “Though this expansion is just beginning, it is the culmination of years of strategic growth and planning to diversify the Claremont operation.

“It will allow us to grow all divisions of our business by supplying automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the horticultural industry on a greater scale in the US and Canada.

“We appreciate the encouragement of our parent company, the dedication of our hard-working Pöppelmann Plastics USA employees and the support of the city, county and state to bring this day to fruition.”

Pöppelmann Plastics USA will receive a $200,000 performance-based grant from the One North Carolina Fund, a discretionary cash-grant programme, to support the expansion.

The company manufactures plastic components and parts, currently employing more than 2,500 people worldwide.

North Carolina Representative Mitchell Setzer said: “This expansion is a great win for our local economy.

“Pöppelmann has been a tremendous member of our community and we have the quality workers to support them in this next phase of growth.”

North Carolina Senator Dean Proctor said: “Pöppelmann’s increased investment in our community is a great vote of confidence.

“Our region has a reputation for thriving global communities, and the company’s decision affirms the strength of that reputation.”

Earlier this year, thermoformed packaging provider Direct Pack added to the manufacturing capacity of its production plant in Rockingham, North Carolina.