Swedish packaging company PulPac has announced the expansion of its operations with the launch of a new subsidiary, DMF Tooling.  

The dedicated centre of excellence (CoE) is set to provide serial-produced multicavity tools specifically designed for Dry Molded Fiber (DMF) production, a move that aligns with PulPac’s commitment to replace single-use plastics. 

This initiative supports the company’s goal of fostering a more sustainable future by facilitating a faster transition to eco-friendly packaging alternatives. 

DMF Tooling managing director Gösta Blomqvist said: “DMF Tooling acts as a ‘centre of excellence’, open for all Pulpac’s licensees and partners to learn and benefit from.  

“It is a significant step in scaling up the underlying infrastructure and development for the Dry Molded Fiber network and ensures bespoke tooling with rapid deliveries.” 

PulPac’s proprietary Dry Molded Fiber technology transforms renewable pulp into high-performance packaging products.  

These products boast full recyclability and compostability, offering a significant environmental advantage.  

Compared to traditional wet-moulding and plastic processing methods, the technology is noted for its reduced climate impact.

PulPac CEO Linus Larsson Green said: “PulPac as a group is committed to creating a circular economy and providing sustainable solutions using Dry Molded Fiber, which benefits the planet and people.  

“Having a dedicated centre of excellence for tooling, we can proudly leverage our team’s expertise and drive knowledge sharing and capacity to deploy our sustainable solutions faster.”  

In July last year, PulPac signed a licence agreement for its Dry Moulded Fiber technology with Matrix Pack, a paper straws and biodegradable lids manufacturer.