Swedish packaging company PulPac has reached a non-exclusive partnership with US-based thermoforming solutions provider Tek Pak.

The agreement came in response to the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions across the globe.

Earlier this year, the companies developed their own demonstration site and partnered with industry leaders in the market.

PulPac chief partnership officer Viktor Börjesson said: “We are really impressed by Tek Pak. Their dedication to speed, quality, and technology is what we’re looking for in a partner, as the demand for sustainable packaging solutions increases worldwide.

“People are stunned when we present data that shows Dry Molded Fibre manufacturing is on par with plastic in cost-efficiency and output speed.”

Tek Pak is based in St Charles, Illinois, and is one of the leading tooling suppliers in the North American market.

The company serves markets including those in the medical, electronics, and consumer sectors by providing quick-turn rapid prototyping and short to long-run production thermoforming.

Tek Pak’s owner Tony Beyer said: “Tek Pak was built for quality and speed; known for meeting and exceeding client expectations. We are dedicated to providing the finest thermoforming tools with expedited turnaround times, ISO [International Organization for Standardization] certified, and committed to the highest industrial manufacturing and safety standards.”

Meanwhile, PulPac’s Dry Molded Fibre technology and machine platform help transform renewable pulp into high-performance packaging.

The technology reduces water and energy usage compared to traditional wet-forming, without compromising any output.

Last month, PulPac announced plans to independently expand its operations in the US by establishing a new sampling facility in the Upper Midwest region.