Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB) has partnered with packaging company Mondi to introduce a fully recyclable plastic packaging portfolio for its premium line of Finish dishwasher tablets Quantum Ultimate.

The move is aligned with RB’s previously announced commitment to use 100% reusable or recyclable plastic packaging for all its products by 2025.

Mondi Consumer Flexibles global key account manager Olivier Seux said: “Following Mondi’s customer-centric EcoSolutions approach, we worked closely with RB to find the best solution and make this product fully recyclable without sacrificing the high-end look, feel and performance – we asked questions about the entire process and tailored various aspects to meet the customer’s precise needs.”

The new mono-material packaging can be completely recycled with suitable infrastructure. It replaces a multilayer, PET/PE laminate pouch packaging which was not recyclable.

Additionally, this BarrierPack Recyclable packaging is available for various form/fill/seal packaging lines.

RB Packaging Sustainability – Hygiene director Krzysztof Krajewski said: “We appreciate the work and effort Mondi put into this project. It was quite a journey with dozens of trials. Mondi had a great, hands-on approach and was very agile.

“We’re pleased that Mondi is an RB innovation partner and part of our company’s ‘PtI-Partners-to-innovate’ signature programme established by our R&D.”

Now, RB plans to introduce new packaging in Italy this month, followed by its launch in Germany and in the UK. Subsequently, the new Finish packaging will be rolled out globally.

In February this year, Mexican corrugated packaging company Cartro partnered Mondi to produce sustainable and humidity-resistant avocado packaging.