Italian polystyrene specialist SCF Packaging has introduced a compostable closed-cell expanding material which biodegrades in four weeks. The product, Biopop, was showcased at the Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin earlier this month and is aimed at companies that work with organic produce.

Biopop has high biobased content with certified compostability and is suitable for storing fresh products. The company said in a press release that Biopop is energy and shock absorbent, eco-friendly, and “suitable in cases where fossil single-use solutions no longer meet client requirements for biodegradable products.”

The material is fully compostable and can be recycled alongside organic waste at the end of its life.

SCF Packaging administrator Alessandro Scurria told Packaging Gateway: “The real novelty of Biopop lies in its absolute and complete compostability, certified and guaranteed by accurate laboratory tests performed by highly qualified and accredited institutes.

“Biopop is the first expandable closed-cell foam material. Made up of 98% air and 2% vegetable materials, it can be supplied with the wet and organic fraction of the waste, in domestic composters, or disposed of through industrial composting plants.”

Scurria added: “Biopop entirely meets the directives indicated by the EU’s Green Deal. We are talking about the new frontier, strongly wanted by the EU, concerning environmental sustainability. Our project is not only innovative from an ecological point of view, it also guarantees a longer shelf-life, diminishing waste and deterioration.”

The European Green Deal was established last year and aims for the EU to become climate-neutral by 2050.