Somerset Council has revealed plans to launch a plastic bag and wrapping collection trial starting next month.

The small-scale pilot, which is funded nationally, will be available to nearly 3,600 homes across two locations in Frome, England.

The pilot collection scheme will accept plastic bags and wrapping, including carrier bags, bread bags, confectionary wrappers, crisp packets, food wrappings and cling film.

According to the council, the trial is intended only for invitees, and participants will receive information in the post shortly.

Participating households will receive plastic sacks and will take part in their usual weekly recycling collections.

Subject to its performance, the pilot will be expanded to more Somerset homes next year.

Sarah Dyke, councillor and lead member for Environment and Climate Change within the council said: “This is an exciting project to be part of and it will be welcomed by many. Our recycling rate has never been higher, but Somerset wants to do more which is why we made sure we are involved at this early stage.

“We think there will be a lot of enthusiasm for this, but it is important to understand that this is [a] small-scale trial. Only those who are written to directly will be able to take part.

“If you do not receive information in the post, you must continue to recycle as normal and not put plastic bags and wrapping out for collection because it will not be picked up.”

The new trial is part of a larger £2.9m Flexible Plastic Fund ‘FlexCollect’ project, which already has nine local authorities participating across England.

Somerset Council will bid to join the ‘FlexCollect’ project after successfully expanding Recycle More collections.

The Recycle More collections programme increased the recycling rate in Somerset to 56.2%, the statement said.

Last month, Portsmouth City Council in Portsmouth, England, partnered with Biffa Commercial to launch a plastic recycling initiative across the city.