Global packaging services provider Sonoco has developed a new system to protect bottles and cans during shipment.

The FirmaCap pallet cap, which has been designed to work with all 44in x 56in pallets, fits tightly over loaded pallets and holds products in place during shipping and warehousing.

The cap provides an alternative to heavier wood boards, and creates a lightweight package protection system that reduces transit costs and generates revenue through recycling when combined with the FirmaCore or FirmaDeck corrugated pallets.

The corrugated pallet protection systems offer an 87% reduction in weight in an average truckload, Sonoco claims.

Firma-brand pallets are made from recycled materials and developed to offer the packaging marketplace an environmentally sustainable and sanitary alternative to conventional pallets.

Both the FirmaCore corrugated 44in x 56in pallet and the FirmaDeck corrugated 44in x 56in pallet are made for the one-way shipment of lightweight cans.