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Close up – the future of personalised packaging with Benjamin Punchard

Consumers crave experiences, they want to be engaged and excited and one way for packaging brands to address this is to get personal. But is the future of personalised really about providing the customer with thrills, or is it more to do with consumer-specific information? Benjamin Punchard, senior global packaging analyst at Mintel, discusses the future of personalised packaging with Frances Marcellin (Née Cook).

Transforming tequila – Osborne Pike on the Casa Sauza redesign

‘Building brands you can believe in’ – design agency Osborne Pike shares with Gina Baksa the story behind their successful re-branding design for premium Casa Sauza XA (extra anejo) tequila.

Pulling off a packaging redesign: learning from Innocent and Tropicana

Brands are refreshing their designs more than ever before, but in today’s market very few actually pull it off. Gina Baksa looks at packaging re-designs that have worked and finds out how to avoid the pitfalls of a failed campaign.

Plain cigarette design – anti-packaging takes centre stage

Australia’s Government-commissioned plain tobacco packaging recently became an unlikely nominee for an international design prize by the London Design Museum. It didn’t win the April 2013 award but, as Gina Baksa found out, responses to what has been labelled the ‘anti-design’ concept have cemented the project in the annals of cult packaging history.

Sustainable packaging trends for 2013

Sustainability has climbed packaging agendas during the last twelve months, and this trend is only set to continue. Elly Earls met Marcus Hill, founder and managing director of the UK’s leading sustainable bio-packager London Bio Packaging, to find out why green packaging – particularly bioplastics – is set to become an even more important part of the agenda in 2013.

The best anti-counterfeit packaging innovations

The pharmaceutical industry is facing constant challenges from competitors who market counterfeit or fake goods. Efforts to protect patients from the possible adverse, and sometimes lethal, effects of such practices include the development of innovative packaging systems to identify, secure and track products. We profile some of the industry’s most promising recent innovations, including 2D codes, RFID advances and sophisticated tracking software.

Targeting a global consumer: packaging semiotics for a smaller world

During recent years, the disparities between different consumer groups have become less pronounced, resulting in the increased uniformity of many global branding campaigns. But that doesn’t mean that culture and country-specific packaging is on its way out. Elly Earls meets Applied Iconology’s J. Duncan Berry and Burgopak’s Dane Whitehurst to find out why.

Budget 2012: Statutory packaging targets to kick in from 2013

As part of the 2012 budget announced today the UK Government has confirmed that statutory packaging recycling targets will be introduced from 2013-2017 to stop recyclable materials going to landfill.

Get smart: the future of clinical trial packaging

Faced with tight timelines and low budgets, clinical trial packaging is one of the toughest jobs in the industry. Elly Earls speaks to Almac’s Jonathan Calderwood and MWV’s John Musaus about the significance of clinical trial packaging to patient adherence, and why this niche area of expertise is growing in importance.