Packaging company Tellus Products has received a certification from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) for all of its sustainable plant fibre tableware products.

The BPI is one of the leading third-party verifiers of the American Society for Testing and Materials standards for compostable products in North America.

This certification means all of Tellus’ sugarcane-moulded plant products meet the rigorous third-party standards of the BPI.

Tellus’ products were also verified to be free from per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS).

Following rigorous testing at a BPI-approved laboratory, the company’s products were scientifically verified to degrade into compost in controlled industrial facilities in fewer than 90 days.

According to Tellus, the composted products were further tested to meet the affiliated standards for heavy metals, fluorine, cobalt, ash, volatile organic compounds and more.

Tellus president Asem Mokaddem said: “We believe in our mission to supply a portfolio of products that are made in the USA, better for the planet and safer for consumers. We are thrilled that all our plant fibre products now carry the trusted BPI seal, which confirms the compostability of our products and the absence of any added PFAS.

“Tellus is proud to be unique in the industry by certifying our entire line of USA-made plant fibre plates, bowls and clamshells. Our customers can feel confident that no matter what product type or size they choose, it will be BPI certified.”

PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, are widely used in everyday products, including food packaging, cookware, and cleaning products.

These chemicals are regulated or banned in many countries, states and municipalities due to evidence of its harmful health effects in humans and animals.

In April, Novolex announced that its Duro brand had also received the BPI certification for its additional paper bags and sacks range.